You may download runnable copies of Whitaker’s WORDS here:

The preservation efforts for Whitaker’s WORDS are currently focused on keeping the underlying programme source code working; the links above do not provide runnable copies of our efforts, but equivalent programmes compiled some years ago, and we can’t vouch for their reliability. We expect to be able to distribute runnable versions of the up-to-date code by October 2015.


The WORDS program, with its accompanying data files should run on any machine for which it is adapted, any monitor. Simply download the self-extracting EXE files or the compressed file for the appropriate system and execute/decompress it in your chosen subdirectory on the hard disk, creating the necessary files. Then call/run WORDS, or do as instructed in any README.

The load includes SPQR.ICO, a possible icon for WORDS, but just that, only an icon. You have to install the program as per the directions (put the downloaded files in a folder, run them to expand to the WORDS system, then run from that folder). However, If you are Windows-wise, you can use Explorer and make a shortcut and put it on the desktop. Windows will make a generic icon, but you can change it (using Properties) to whatever other icon you can find, for instance, the one included with the package. Or not. Make sure that the Properties on the icon has as Target the WORDS.EXE in the folder in which the system is loaded.

See the particular page for each specific system.
Windows 95/NT/98/2000/XP
Linux and FreeBSD

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