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This program, WORDS, takes keyboard input or a file of Latin text lines and provides an analysis of each word individually.

With the input of a word, or several words in a line, the program returns information about the possible accedience, if it can find an agreeable stem in its dictionary.

e.g., given user input thus:


it will display:

am.o               V       1  1 PRES ACTIVE  IND  1 S
love, like; fall in love with; be fond of; have a tendency to

The dictionary contains over 39000 entries, as would be counted in an ordinary dictionary. This expands to almost twice that number of individual stems and, through additional word construction with hundreds of prefixes and suffixes, may generate more, leading to many hundreds of thousands of ‘words’ that can be formed by declension and conjugation. This version of WORDS provides a tool to help in translations for the Latin student. It is now a large dictionary by any measure and can be helpful to advanced users. The dictionary will continue to grow - slowly.